My Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are my favorite! I've been piecing this together for a couple years now.
  1. Picked up at Junket on Minnehaha on my recent trip to Minneapolis. Helen Keller quote on a dictionary page. 💜
  2. My city's downtown...a long time ago.
  3. Another downtown shot...this was a convenience store which later turned into a cotton market.
  4. My last name initial from a day I felt crafty.
  5. I made the "&" at Hatch Show Print in Nashville and put it in a thrifted frame with fabric behind it.
  6. One of my husband's prints.
  7. Another of my husband's prints.
  8. Old sheet music I thrifted.
  9. 1960's Polaroid of Busch stadium I also got at Junket in Minneapolis.
  10. Print I picked up at Rocketfizz in Nashville.
  11. Nashville skyline from Ben Griffith, one of my favorite artists.
  12. Needlepoint from my List App secret Santa last year.
  13. Another day I felt crafty...Nashville skyline on a guitar and pasted on burlap.
  14. Self explanatory.