1. We moved here in mid-June and nothing has happened until the last few days.
    So it's probably my imagination because the house only had one owner before us and no deaths in the house.
  2. But, the dining room light came on by itself a couple days ago.
    It is really touchy though...
  3. And that same day my phone lit up on its own, saying my password was entered wrong?
    Can't explain that one other than my phone is glitchy?
  4. And now, tonight starting around 3am, I've heard a child, who doesn't sound like my own, call out "mom" twice. I go check on my own children and they're sound asleep. 😨
    But maybe one of them was dreaming and said it in their sleep?
  5. I'm not easily scared and I've never had a paranormal experience (although I want one so bad) but being haunted by a child ghost doesn't sound ideal.