1. Teeth falling out
    I dream this a LOT. I've googled it and it says it's related to stress and anxiety.
  2. Brakes not working in my car
    I'm driving through a neighborhood and viciously slamming my foot on the brake pedal but I can't stop. I'm sure this is also anxiety related.
  3. Losing my wedding ring
    I've had this several times. I'm sure a dream analysis would say my marriage isn't healthy or some shit. The first time I remember having this dream, we were at Walter White's house (Breaking Bad for those who've been living on Mars) and we were having a pool party and people were coming and going. I was crawling around on the floor, pawing through shag carpeting, desperately trying to find my ring.
  4. Cats attacking me.
    House cats. Attacking my ankles. It's awful.