If you only see ?, update your iOS already!
  1. 🕴
    Appears to be a Blues Brother jumping up and down. I'm sure I'll find plenty of uses for this gem.
  2. 🌬
    Better way than ❄️, ⛄️ or ☃ to say "I'm cold, dammit!"
  3. 🕷
    Is this guy new? I feel like it has to be or I would've been using it already. Messing with people who are scared of spiders is one of my favorite pastimes.
  4. 🙄
    My eyes haven't gotten stuck like this yet, mom!
  5. 🏛
    Now I'll have an emoji to go with my Centennial Park checkins.
  6. Perfect for discussing last wishes via text. Ex: When you ☠, would you like ⚰ or 🔥&⚱?
  7. Code for "interning with Walter White today."
  8. 🤓
    Too cute not to love.
  9. 🌮
    This took entirely too long, Apple.
  10. 🖕🏼