NEW HOUSE- Like, Love, Love/Hate, Dislike & Hate

So, we made the move from Nashville and came back home to MO! Kids are happy, husband is happy and I'm happy. The house is all unpacked and we're feeling settled. So here's the pros and cons thus far...
  1. Like: brand spanking new fridge...I've never had a brand new one. The previous owner took the one that was here although she was supposed to leave it, so we got a check from her at closing for a new one!
  2. Love: I love the pool way more than expected. I've used it almost every day for a week and a half now. 🏊🏼
  3. Love/Hate: I don't know what to do with this room. Doors lead to the backyard/pool. Tile floor. It's huge. We've got a desk, kids easel and swimming towels. My husband just painted it because the previous paint job was horrid. I'll figure it out someday.
  4. Love/Hate: Skylights. Love them at night and hate them during the day, especially when I forget to close the master bathroom door and I wake up to the light flooding in from the skylight in there.
  5. Dislike: Basement laundry! The basement is basically finished, although not well enough that it's not kinda creepy down there. The previous owner painted the laundry room purple. It doesn't make it better.
  6. Hate: this halogen glass top stove. I can't cook anything on it without setting off smoke alarms and burning everything! And I'm a good cook so this is tragic.