Ranked by the likelihood I would ever take them.
  1. 6.) "Backyard Bee Keeping"
    I'm allergic. And Epi Pens are crazy expensive now. No thanks.
  2. 5.) "Floral Design w/ a Chic, Garden Flair"
    Not interested. I kill anything that is planted in dirt so my flowers wouldn't make it to the design stage. I would be at the bottom of the class.
  3. 4.) "Discovering SE MO"
    If you aren't aware that SEMO is 1 acronym and not 2, I doubt you can enlighten me to anything that I don't already know.
  4. 3.) "Intro to Drawing on Right Side Brain"
    I can't draw a stick figure with either sides of my brain. If my elementary art teacher hadn't had a huge cow skull filled with treats for us, I would've been an art dropout.
  5. 2.) "Artisan Bread Making"
    I like bread. I could probably get behind this.
  6. 1.) "Coffee Roasting 101"
    Now you're speaking my language.
  7. Honorable Mention: "Internet and Computers for Seniors"
    If they would let me into the class since I'm about 30 years from being a "senior", I could finally be at the top of my class. 🏆