I asked the East Nashville FB group where I should go and these are their responses...
  1. "Anywhere in East Nashville after midnight."
    So clever.
  2. "Antioch"
    True. I don't even like going there in the daytime.
  3. "My shower."
    Not sure where they were going with this but sounded kind of serial killer-ish so, moving along...
  4. "Kroger"
    "Murder Kroger" to be exact ...locals will tell you this got its nickname due to a murder/suicide in the bakery ...or meat dept maybe? Whatever, details aren't important.
  5. "Enu"
    Googled this and got "East Nashville Underground" which is apparently a music festival in a basement? I don't know ...sounds scary.
  6. "TSU Homecoming"
    Sorry TSU, but you had to see this coming. Acceptance (I think they accept everybody?) should come with a bullet proof vest and a lifetime membership to street cred.
  7. "Dickerson Rd after dark."
    I ended up there once, after dark, before I moved to Nashville. I wasn't street smart enough then to know I should be scared.
  8. "Wal-Mart"
    They're scary everywhere, but in Nashville they come complete with security guards...and don't even think about telling Debo he can't bring in his pit bull on a chain.
  9. "Opry Mills"
    Meh...it's not so bad.
  10. "Hair World"
    You would only get this if you live in or love East Nashville. There are more Hair Worlds there than juice bars in LA.
  11. "Tall Skinny home tour"
    Another East Nashville thing ...gentrification has brought in hoards of developers, all with a common goal: build the tallest and skinniest multi-family home in all the land.
  12. "Dave & Busters parking lot after 11pm"
  13. "North Nashville"
    This guy won.
  14. "Uhm...my basement?"
    No. Just no.