Inspired by everyone else who posted these lists!
  1. Because I grew up in a village with about 60 people in it for 10 years. There were no kids my age and I spent all my time in the woods exploring abandoned cemeteries.
  2. Because I was reading Sweet Valley High books at age 6.
  3. Because I had to share a waterbed with my sister for a couple years. We always had to share a room. I was in my 20's before I had my own space.
  4. Because my one attempt at organized sports outside of t-ball, in 5th grade, ended with me making lots of points for the other team and my uncle, who was referee and let me do it, still brings it up.
  5. Because, at age 11, my mom asked me if I would live with her when she left my dad. I wasn't even aware a divorce was imminent.
  6. Because, after my parents divorced, I had to basically keep my dad's life in check until he remarried less than 6 months later. I cleaned the house and did his laundry every night when my mom would drop us off on the way to her night shift job.
  7. Because my mom lived with a man who was abusive to me, my brother and her for 12 years. He never hurt my sister.
  8. Because I dated a guy for 3 years who was in the military, went AWOL, developed PTSD and was verbally and mentally abusive.
  9. Because I dated another guy for 5 years who was physically, mentally, and verbally abusive. I'm still scared of him almost 11 years later.
  10. Because I was a single mom for 4 years.
  11. Because I never learned proper coping skills.