1. "JonBenet brother"
    This guy is so weird. But I agree with Dr. Phil that he's probably just socially awkward and didn't kill his sister.
  2. "Bad editing in V.C. Andrews books"
    I wondered if I was the only one to notice. This led me to read articles about the incest in her stories.
  3. "Praying hands emoji"
    Trying to win a bet with my husband.
  4. "What does POTUS stand for?"
    Not proud I had to google this. 🤔
  5. "Heterochromia"
    When eyes are 2 different colors.
  6. "North side gang sign"
    Don't even ask. I shouldn't be allowed to Google.
  7. "Cheese curds near me"
  8. "Mr. Little Guy address"
    Looking for the Lake Harriet elf in Minneapolis
  9. "Indigestion for days?"
    I thought I might be dying. I don't get indigestion/heartburn often so I don't deal well when I do get it. Also googled "tender diaphragm area/ovarian cancer symptoms/liver cancer/stomach cancer symptoms" a lot that same time period.
  10. "Florida face eater"
    The most recent one...Austin Harrouf
  11. "Weenus"
    Proving to my husband the slang term for the skin on your elbow.
  12. "Why does reading in the car cause nausea?"
    We were preparing for a long road trip.