1. St Louis Blues hockey game
    I dated a senior hockey player when I was a freshman. Why my mother let this happen, I'll never know. He took me to the hockey game and I was thoroughly unimpressed but THOUGHT I was showing enthusiasm. Apparently not enough because I got dumped a week later after not paying attention to him at his hockey practice. I didn't enjoy hockey enough for him.
  2. A garage
    I literally watched him as he worked to restore an old classic Impala. At one point a ladder fell on it and he got super mad and threw his hat into a burning barrel of trash. I was so embarrassed to be seen in that car but he looked like Taylor Hanson so I stuck it out until he dumped me with no explanation 6 months in.
  3. Skating rink
    He was in the military and I met him outside of his friends townhouse one night. He was shirtless, letting a new tattoo heal, and smoking. 17 year old me was hooked! I took him to the skating rink next time he was on leave. We ended up dating for 3 years -he went AWOL from the Army like an idiot, we moved to FL and back to IL and eventually I told him to pack his stuff and go back home to West Virginia.
  4. A waterfall
    The most romantic sounding date for the most nightmarish relationship I was ever in. After 5 years of abuse and an 11 month old blessing that needed me to grow up and make better decisions for us both, I left him with an order of protection. He hasn't been in our lives since. 🙌🏼
  5. A horse trailer
    Ok, not a date but it makes me feel better to call that bad decision a date. Moving on!
  6. Casino
    I asked and he drove us 2 hours to deliver. I had a wicked blackjack addiction at the time. No judgment.
  7. A strip club
    Yes, I agreed to that for whatever reason. He was the sweetest guy you ever met with a horrible drug addiction though! I was supposed to be the one to help him turn his life around. That didn't last long because it wasn't a healthy relationship and he went to jail. We're FB friends now though and he has turned his life around so all's well that ends well.
  8. Pasta House
    The one I married. I turned him down 3x when he asked me on dates because I was sick of men and strongly considering lesbianism or the nunnery and finally he said, "ok, I'll be at Pasta House at 7. I'll see you there." ...and obviously I showed up.