1. Bought and framed this sweet cross stitch for my kitchen. No regrets.
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  2. Framed cereals
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    I didn't buy this and I would imagine it's probably still there.
  3. Psychedelic painting
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    I bought this. And then I came to my senses and returned it. No judgment, please.
  4. Box of boobs
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    Stress ball boobs. I should have bought them but I didn't.
  5. Bieber Jesus
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    I hope this found its forever home.
  6. Framed short autobiography
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    I own it.
  7. Birthday ET
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    Who wouldn't buy ET busting out of a birthday cake? Of course I bought it.
  8. Michael Jackson ornament
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    This has already spent one happy Christmas on my tree.
  9. Laminated rappers
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    I regret not buying this every day.