He's 3 ...
  1. "Happy times are over!"
    This is said anytime he's forced to leave the house. He's the epitome of a homebody.
  2. "It's a wonderful day!"
    This is said anytime he knows he's home for the day and won't have to get out of his dinosaur pajamas.
  3. "Don't get loud at me!"
    This is said anytime someone raises their voice within his earshot. It doesn't matter if it's directed at him or not.
  4. "I not a (fill in the blank)...I Easton!"
    This is said when he thinks you're calling him anything but who he is...he's not my son or his siblings brother or a boy or my baby...he's just Easton!
  5. "I didn't hit your heart!"
    If he's being especially trying and I say that he's breaking my heart...
  6. "Oh my gooness!" (Goodness)
  7. "...and see what happens!"
    His go to threat when he wants you to be aware that he could put the smack down anytime he chooses.