1. I had a cat named Stupid.
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    I'm pretty sure I didn't name it. It sounds like something my dad would do. But regardless, the first and only cat I ever had was named an insult. It was hit by a truck and I've disliked cats ever since.
  2. Here is the back of that cat photo...
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  3. I used to read the physicians desk reference as a child.
    But I never had anyone with enough sense to push me to become a doctor. So I just played one on tv once and I work with doctors 3 days a week. Meh, same difference.
  4. I used to put on concerts for family and family friends using a plastic Kiss guitar.
    I only sang Tim McGraw- Don't Take The Girl and NKOTB songs though.
  5. I talked to statues when I was a kid.
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    We had statues of the 7 Dwarves and I would spend entire days outside talking to them.
  6. I woke up under my parents bed.
    I'm not a sleepwalker, but one time I woke up under my parents bed and couldn't get out. I screamed and my parents rescued me. The next day, I tried to get under their bed and I couldn't fit no matter which way I turned. This mystery has never been solved.
  7. A guy lived in my woods and stole my groceries.
    I lived on a wooded property with 2 houses. The other house was inhabited by an ex-boyfriend, which I didn't know until I moved in, and his roommate. Roommate was kicked out and moved into the woods. No one knew this. He would break into my house when I wasn't home and steal my food and dog food (he had a dog with him). I called the police several times. Everyone thought I was crazy. This went on for 4 months before he was caught.
  8. My aunt hosed me down at the car wash.
    I spent a summer with my great-aunt, who was a nun. When I would get done playing outside, she'd walk me to the car wash and hose me down before I was allowed into her house.