I'm a big sports fan, obviously.
  1. Any team with a blue and red color scheme.
  2. The Oregon Ducks, because their solid green uniforms are the coolest I've ever seen.
  3. Any team with a matte helmet.
  4. Any team with black in their uniform color scheme.
  5. Patriots, because Tom Brady.
  6. Vikings, because my husband said I married into being a fan.
  7. Alabama because my 3 year old sounds adorable when he says, "Roll Tide, baby."
  8. Dodgers because my husband told me about Zack Grienke's anxiety fueled, introvert ways and I can relate.
  9. Vanderbilt, because they pay me.
  10. Titans, because they paid me last year...and hometown pride and whatnot.
  11. Predators because I realized I really like watching adult men fight after going to one of their games.
  12. Browns, because their fans are really nice.