Inspired by @jessilee23
  1. Ask me anything!
  2. Have you been watching the Burke Ramsey interviews on Dr. Phil? Did you see the special additional episode on Friday?
    Suggested by @jessilee23
  3. @jessilee23 I've only watched a portion of one interview because I read a tweet about him. I need to watch them all though. I'll check YouTube!
  4. What music videos do you play on repeat the most?
    Suggested by @Boogie
  5. @Boogie so I'm really weird and don't listen to music unless I'm with someone else who's listening to it. 😕 So I'm usually audience to a lot of Grateful Dead and Dead & Co. videos from my husband.
  6. What is your favorite part about being from/living in MN?
    Suggested by @jessilee23
  7. @jessilee23 I'm not actually from MN. My husband is originally from there so we visit a lot. My favorite part is the twin cities and all the shops...and there are so many Little Free Libraries!