Disclaimer: I was an employee, not a patient.
  1. We watched videos.
    Of thoracotomies, ecmos and ingenious ways to make turkeys, which included in a metal trash can and a keg.
  2. We ate...a lot.
    There was a good hour where 98% of the staff was stuffing our faces. In our defense, the census was low and at that time there wasn't a single patient here that needed to be in a level 1 trauma ER.
  3. We placed bets.
    How many patients are we going to get from turkey frying accidents? How many patients are we going to get who choked on their Thanksgiving meal? Answer as of 1835: 1 & none.
  4. We took care of people.
    We did a real thoracotomy, we sewed a head closed and fingers back on and we discharged a 92 year old woman who came in, unaware that her heart was failing and when she found out, she wanted to go home and spend her last Thanksgiving surrounded by her loved ones.
  5. We missed our blood families but made the best of our time here with our work family.
    And now I'm getting ready to clock out and go snuggle the crap out of my kiddos. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!