Inspired by my first viewing of Fight Club.
  1. 1st Rule: You do not talk about List App
    to anyone who fills your Facebook feed with shared recipes or prayer requests or anyone who uses Twitter solely to retweet generic tweets or spoil TV shows for you.
  2. 2nd Rule: You DO NOT talk about List App
    to anyone who will try to come in and ruin this beautiful gift bestowed upon us!
  3. 3rd Rule: If anyone says "stop", goes limp or taps out, the listing is over.
    If you're not feeling particularly creative or are unsure about a list, "tap out" until you're feeling it again. This will insure that List App never loses its magic for you.
  4. 4th Rule: Only two guys (or girls) to a list.
    Try not to include 20 characters into a List story. Keep it simple and easy to follow.
  5. 5th Rule: One list at a time.
    Try to focus on one list. By all means, keep your drafts folder overflowing, but give your attention to one list when making lists to go straight to publication.
  6. 6th Rule: No shirts, no shoes.
    I haven't seen any nudity on this app yet, so maybe disregard this one until we get some clarity from @bjnovak and team.
  7. 7th Rule: Lists will go on as long as they have to.
    Or at least to 99 bullet points.
  8. 8th Rule: If this is your first night at List App, you HAVE to list.
    Don't be the person that takes the cool @username and then never lists. If you join, then LIST!