This is our 3rd year doing Elf on the Shelf (I know, I know!) and Jack (our elf) is slowly driving me to drink. As if I don't have enough to think about in December, I always have Jack on my mind wondering what kind of trouble he can get into tonight.
  1. Last night, I froze him in a cup of water.
  2. The goal was to have Elsa (from Frozen) "freeze" him.
  3. I have boys who don't show an interest in dolls so I just bought an Elsa ornament from Hallmark because I like Frozen and I like ornaments so not a waste of money.
  4. I couldn't get Jack out of the cup this morning.
  5. When I finally did, the ice was breaking apart and showing the ziploc vacuum seal bag I had put him in.
  6. It was almost time for the boys to wake up so I started scrambling around trying to set it all up.
  7. I dropped Elsa. She lost her head and an arm.
  8. Luckily we have super glue! I glued her back together right in time.
  9. Ran upstairs and told me oldest to come down and see what happened to Jack (before the ice melted all the way).
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  10. He smiled and said, "hey, it's an ornament!"
  11. 3 year old doesn't acknowledge Jack's existence so I didn't get an enthusiastic reaction for my efforts out of him either.
  12. So I raised my blood pressure over a toy elf for nothing.
  13. Now, what am I going to do with him tonight? 🙈