In lieu of the red Starbucks cup crisis...
  1. Not saying "Merry Christmas"...
    Not everyone celebrates Christmas! This is the United States of America but it's also a melting pot and it's very likely that if you said "Merry Christmas" to every person you saw today, you would offend at least one. Which leads to my next point...
  2. Saying "Happy Holidays"
    This is bound to make everyone happy. We're not saying Christmas or Hanukkah ...we're saying "holidays" and whichever one you celebrate, we hope it's a happy one!
  3. Keeping religion out of school.
    When the kiddos are saying The Pledge of Allegiance, I think they should say "one nation, under God" because that's how it was written, but I don't think God or religion of any kind should be discussed by teachers or other school personnel. My children learn this from my husband and I at home. I don't need the school confusing them. With that being said, college is a different story. I learned a lot from a religion course I took in college and at that point you're ready to make your own choices.
  4. LGBT
    I love the gays. Do you! ❤️💛💚💜💙