1. How do they keep their wounds from getting infected?
  2. How do they not turn into walkers themselves when they're getting blood splatter in every mucous membrane when they kill the walkers?
  3. Where are they finding all the Yeezy clothes?
  4. Why don't the walkers eat each other?
  5. How bad do they smell?
  6. Why won't Daryl just take a shower?
  7. Is Rick's throat perpetually sore from talking in the strained voice to hide his English accent?
  8. Why is Judith played by a different baby almost every time she's shown?
  9. When are they going to figure out that Carol is a sociopath?
  10. Can you really even fit under a dumpster?
  11. But for real, why didn't Maggie shack up with Spencer while Glenn was supposedly dead?
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    I'm not a Glenn fan, sorry.