1. We were on day 2 of traveling and half an hour from the cabin and I made my husband pull over at a Goodwill so I could pick up a couple books to read. Spoiler alert: I had 5 packed in our suitcase already.
  2. After a couple days of cabin fever, I ventured to a bookstore called Emily's Used Books in Brainerd, MN. and found the last 3 books of the Flowers in the Attic series that I didn't have.
  3. I found these gems at another thrift store in Brainerd, MN.
  4. The next day I went to a little free library in Nisswa's tourist trap shopping district. Adorable, right?!
  5. And I got this, and left Of Mice and Men behind for someone else to enjoy.
  6. We ventured back to Minneapolis on Thursday to the state fair and I didn't get any books. 😔
  7. But Friday, I decided to explore Minneapolis a little on my own and went to the Goodwill Outlet.
    If you've never been to a Goodwill outlet, treat yo' self! There are huge bins of dirty clothes and shoes and general housewares where vultures, I mean humans, dig through like they're searching for their kids college tuitions.
  8. There are always several bins full of books that no one seems to pay any mind to. There was one other man digging through them who said he was looking for money.
    That sweet pizza bookmark was found in Brain on Fire. And I'm finally going to try and read HP!
  9. I also found these sticky notes!
    I got those books and these sticky notes and a ton of other books for my oldest son and I paid less than $3. You pay by the lb and for books you pay .15 cents an inch. You line them along a ruler, spine up and they are measured for cost.
  10. I finally got to see the newest Prince mural.
  11. And I went to the most charming shop called Junket in Minneapolis and got more goodies, like this print!
  12. And these vintage pictures. Busch stadium from '67 (I'm a MO girl) and a very realistic Big Foot.
  13. And another David Sedaris book! Check out those business cards that will also be used as bookmarks!
  14. On our way home, I stopped at St Louis' Goodwill Outlet and walked out with all these plus several more for my oldest son and paid $3.
  15. And the icing on the cake was this photo found inside a book! 💜