I only say unconventional because I believe it takes people of a certain depth to fully appreciate these guys.
  1. Jesse Eisenberg
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    So adorably awkward.
  2. Michael Cera
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    Another adorably awkward guy. I kind of feel like I could never actually be with him though (besides the fact that he's famous and I'm not and I'm married with children) because I think we would just stare at each other and not know what to say. That's the vibe I get anyway.
  3. BJ Novak @bjnovak
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    I have yet to watch The Office (I'm getting to it!) and I was first introduced to BJ through Mindy's @mindy book and fell in love before I even knew what he looked like. But he's hot and he created this amazing app.
  4. Andy Samberg
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    What's not to love?
  5. Paul Rudd
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    If you can watch Knocked Up and not get the feels then I don't trust you.
  6. Aaron Paul
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    I actually prefer him as Jesse Pinkman. So. Hot.
  7. Nick Saban
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    Yes, that's AL head coach. I can't really figure out if I want him to be my dad or if I just have daddy issues. Every interview with him is gold. http://youtu.be/jRDl1dsMA3A He's an asshole, albeit a talented one, and let's face it, assholes are kinda hot sometimes.
  8. Bobby Bones @mrbobbybones
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    Radio personality based in Nashville. This crush borders on obsessive. He's another one I fell for before I even knew what he looked like, based on his voice alone. 😍