My husband drug me to Bass Pro. I made it out alive. I took pictures to keep me entertained.
  1. Sexy Spoon
    I want to see the unsexy spoon. Speaking of that, where's the spoon emoji. Don't discriminate, Apple. Is it just too sexy to make an emoji out of? 🍴
  2. Slab Ticklers
    I mean, it kind of sounds like something you'd name a vibrater?
  3. Musky Buck
    The name. The hair. *shudder*
  4. Jiggy Twitch It
    I'm assuming this is a 'Gettin' Jiggy With It' pun?
  5. Shadalicious
    I don't even know what to say about this.
  6. Whopper Plopper
    My husband called Bass Pro when he first heard about these to see if they were in stock. I don't know how anyone could call and ask for a "Whopper Plopper" with a straight face.
  7. Sweet Beaver
    I'm definitely going to make him call and ask for this. I'll probably need to record it.
  8. Bonus.