As requested by @mouley
  1. Blood, guts and gory things have never ever bothered me.
  2. Seriously. I was the kid who always watched when they gave me shots or drew my blood.
  3. I have a very chill personality and I'm able to hide my emotions well.
  4. A lot of people see me and anyone else in emergency services as heartless but trust me, you don't want someone emotional trying to save your life.
  5. I was an EMT for a few years.
  6. I really enjoyed it but it's long hours and low pay.
  7. For roughly 5 years, I got out of that field but then we moved to Nashville...
  8. The level 1 trauma center was calling out to me.
  9. I applied for the children's hospital and the adult hospital.
  10. I interviewed at both but quickly realized that "chill" and "no emotion" don't apply to me when kids are involved.
  11. I took a position in the adult ER as soon as it opened.
  12. It's crazy and exciting and mostly thankless work.
  13. You realize how many crazy people there are!
  14. You sometimes feel like you're crazy for just willingly being there.
  15. But it gets in your system and it just doesn't go away.
  16. You crave the adrenaline.
  17. The main reason I chose the ER is because I can handle it and not everyone can.
  18. If you are able to do something very hard that benefits someone else's life, you should.
  19. You're needed.
  20. It's your calling.