I'm teaching myself Spanish so obviously, all I want to eat is burritos. I've been making the rounds, with Qdoba being the latest and here's why they're better than Chipotle...
  1. They don't charge extra for guac!
    $2 extra for guac? GTFO here with that nonsense. It's guac, not gold. But yeah, I totally want the guac on my pre-term infant sized burrito, please.
  2. You can choose between a white or wheat wrap.
    Wheat wrap, brown rice and black beans will always make me feel healthy af when I'm indulging in a burrito larger than my stomach capacity.
  3. Rewards card!
    Maybe Chipotle has one too but they didn't offer it up at the register. I went online and now I've got free chips and a drink waiting for me next time I go in. Not to mention, after 10 burritos, my 11th will be free. And yes, I'm sure there will be 10 burritos.
  4. But that Barbacoa from Chipotle though...😬🌯