1. a week doesn't go by without hot chicken consumption.
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    If you don't know what hot chicken is, read this... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hot_chicken ...don't ever get brave either because I can handle some heat and the medium made my lips swell up like Kylie Jenner's and my husband, who eats habanero on everything, cried over the hottest option.
  2. you visit "The Parthenon" when you need a vacation but can't spring for Greece.
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  3. as a woman, you've went into the men's bathroom at Hermitage Hotel.
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    It's been named the best bathroom in America. http://www.nbcnews.com/id/30476750/
  4. you invest too much time and money into rooting for one of the NFL's most losing teams.
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    Good thing we've also got the Predators and the Sounds. 🏒⚾️
  5. you go to the trailer park for a burger & tots.
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  6. you scoff at people willing to stand in line for an hour or more for pancakes at Pancake Pantry (Nashville's supposed best pancakes), when Pfunky Griddle is right down the street (with a much longer wait time).
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    You literally order the ingredients and cook your own breakfast at a hot griddle built into the center of your table. http://www.thepfunkygriddle.com
  7. you can lose an entire day at McKay's.
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    The first floor is books and movies and the second floor is music. It's pictured next to the word "Heaven" in the dictionary. www.mckaybooks.com
  8. you're confident you could survive homelessness as long as they didn't kick you out of Bicentennial Park.
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    Tons of benches and walking paths, fountains to run through in the summer (and the occasional 80 degree winter day) and the Nashville Farmers Market is pictured just to the left. http://tnstateparks.com/parks/about/bicentennial-mall
  9. you stood by Jeni through the listeria scare because the ice cream is just that good.
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    www.jenis.com -you can buy Jeni's in stores now and it's not as good as the real thing but don't let that stop you from trying it!
  10. we brag that we may not have In-n-Out or Whataburger (yet), but you'll never have SATCo.
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    These are literally the best, cheapest Tex Mex tacos you can get your hands on. You hand them your order, pay and watch them churn out homemade tortillas while they slap your tacos together. http://www.thesatco.com
  11. you know brunch isn't brunch unless it's at Biscuit Love.
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  12. every year you battle the crowds to see the best fireworks show in America.
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  13. a bout of PMS isn't complete without Jake delivering warm fresh-baked cookies and milk.
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  14. signs like this in public places are so commonplace, you don't even see them anymore.
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    Specifically this one, because it's at Dino's in East Nashville- Nashville's oldest dive bar with amazing burgers and fries- so you're too busy stuffing your face.
  15. you appreciate this music scene more than the nightmare of Broadway.
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  16. you laugh every time you see this billboard because it's so true.
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  17. you sign up to be an extra on the show, Nashville because you're bored.
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    Ah...the only time I've been on the show as more than a blur.
  18. Rosepepper's signage makes your life.
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  19. your kids' school auctions off autographed country CD's in the silent action.
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  20. you will argue that Goo Goo Clusters are the epitome of candy bars.
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  21. meat and three's are bae.
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  22. you've come to accept that spaghetti is a side dish here.
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  23. you still visit Santa as an adult.
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  24. this is so true, it hurts.
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  25. you avoid this like the plague.
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    Unless you're going to Paradise Park Trailer Resort for tots.