A mix of Internet and corporate acronyms and internal codenames.
  1. SGTM
    Sounds good to me
  2. AI
    Action item
  3. VC
    Video chat
  4. CL
  5. Innertube
    Youtube's first-party API
  6. Material
    Latest Google design spec
  7. PRD
    Product requirements document
  8. Dogfood
    Company-wide beta
  9. Fishfood
    Product area-wide beta
  10. PA
    Product area
  11. LGTM
    Looks good to me; what a code reviewer says to approve a CL
  12. Tag Up
    Recurring review with leads
  13. Buganizer
    Internal bug tracking tool
  14. Memegen
    Internal meme generator; the pulse of Google
  15. FWIW
    For what it's worth
  16. IIRC
    If I recall correctly
  17. SPF
    Structured page fragments = Youtube's JS framework for asynchronous page updates
  18. Ping
  19. AFAIK
    As far as I know
  20. Perf
    Biannual performance review
  21. Strawman
    Initial proposal to kick off a discussion
  22. L-Team
    Larry's key peeps.
    Suggested by @bjnovak
  23. WDYT?
    What do you think?
  24. +1
    A quick way to agree
  25. AFAICT
    As far as I can tell
  26. ATM
    At the moment
  27. Bandwidth
    Slang to indicate how much available time someone has
  28. GWS
    Get well soon
  29. PTAL
    Please take another look
  30. qq
    Quick question
  31. WAI
    Working as intended