Time is money, I get it. But sometimes you're being efficient, and other times you're being lazy. Also if I have to spend a long time decoding your abbreves, was it really worth it?
  1. HBD!
    I'm sorry, has common courtesy completely evaporated? Maybe I'm old school, but when I'm taking the time ONCE ANNUALLY to send someone a message, I often worry that even "happy birthday" is too short. Guess not everyone is as good a friend as I am.
  2. TY!
    Same as "HBD", really. Is it so much harder to write "thanks"?
  3. OTOH
    This one usually registers on a first read as a typo, not sure why. And if you're using it in a lengthy internet comments argument (which, I mean, where else would you use it really?), it's not like you don't have the space to be as expansive as possible.
  4. MILF/DILF/Anything -ILF
    Because objectifying people just isn't cool, even if you're doing it in super cool text speak.