1. Über dramatic TV shows that substitute sexy people for good writing
    This probably started way back when I was an avid One Tree Hill fan, and it's a habit I can't shake. If you're similarly into watching beautiful people get into unrealistic hijinks, my current faves are Quantico and How to Get Away With Murder.
  2. Going to movies alone
    I don't actually feel guilty about doing this, I just think society wants me to feel guilty. But going to a really good movie by yourself is a game-changing experience. 10/10 would recommend.
  3. Taking a mental health day/trip
    I haven't lately because with law school I'm so acutely aware of how much $ I'm losing by missing class, but I used to call in sick to school/work and go on an adventure for the day. I've been lucky to live in cities with great public transit, and there's something thrilling about getting on a bus or train knowing no one knows where I'm headed, not even me.
  4. Nutella
    That's everyone's though, right? And yeah, I'm talking straight from the damn jar. Sorry not sorry.