(Stealing this idea from everyone else)
  1. 27
    Age I am currently
  2. 58
    Age I feel most days
  3. 24
    Age when I swiped my v-card
  4. 7
    Number of men who've had the privilege of sleeping with me
  5. 25
    Number of men who've had the privilege of listening to me rant about feminism on a date (this is a lowball estimate)
  6. 3
    Number of times I brush my teeth most days
  7. 0
    Number of times I have been to a dentist since 2011 (no insurance/money, hence the excessive brushing)
  8. 627
    Books I've read in my lifetime, according to goodreads
  9. 4
    Novels I've drafted
  10. 3
    Number of tattoos I have
  11. 425
    Approximate number of miles I've run in the past year. I use it as a mental health tool as well as for fitness, and I have a secret hypothesis that it'll take me till mile 1,000 to completely recover from the collapse of my last relationship. I'm excited to get there.
  12. 13
    Age I was when my dad died and I basically had to become a grownup in a teenager's body.
  13. 85
    Age at which I might actually consider myself a real grownup.