This Turkey Day (or in my case, Meatless Sides Day) was a little different than I was expecting. The surprising part was that it was in a mostly good way!
  1. No one brought up refugees!
    My family is a pretty even old vs. young split as far as conservative vs. liberal views, so I was fully prepared for an ignorance-sprinkled debate on this issue. Very glad I didn't have to bust out a kindergarten level explanation about how Islam doesn't = terrorism this year.
  2. (Almost) no one brought up my love life!
    Yes, I have one aunt who ALWAYS asks how my ex is doing - although to be fair she knows we've stayed friends, so I don't think it's ill-intentioned. That said, it's not fun to think about at the holidays in any case.
  3. My mom and I had possibly our best ever conversation.
    This was the biggest surprise. My mom and I have NEVER gotten along, for a lot of reasons. But on Wednesday we were stuck home together for a few hours and had a long conversation about social issues, mental illness, and even our relationship, none of which I was expecting. Also she told a story about how she called out a doctor at work for his racism and honesty I've never been prouder of her.
  4. I talked waaaay more about law school than I was anticipating.
    And realized that unless you're discussing the law behind sexy murder cases or current social issues, it's pretty boring for someone who's not in it!
  5. I ate too much.
    This is not in itself surprising because my family makes a clinically insane volume of food every year. But I've been on a reduced calorie "diet" (more related to being broke and stressed than wanting to lose weight) for a few months now and realized that my stomach just straight up doesn't hold as much food as it used to. This is probably a good thing.
  6. I found out that the Turkey Trot we ran was only 2.5 miles.
    And I found out while we were running it. Not a big deal ultimately, but a little disappointing because I was all set to brag about finishing my first "official" 5k. The race was super fun, though, and no one fell in the mud!