Sidelined with pneumonia right now because I literally don't let myself stop moving long enough to deal with my thoughts (or, you know, illness) and sometimes my body gets mad at me for that.
  1. My ex-boyfriend
    Whenever there's no one around to cuddle with and/or bring me food in these types of situations, my mental catalog of his many flaws suddenly empties itself in favor of a steep decline into "I'm gonna die alone" territory. I may have already cried once today when he texted to see how I was feeling.
  2. Turning over a new weight-loss leaf
    The combo of meds and endless coughing has left me with almost zero appetite and the flattest stomach I've had in weeks. Definitely got me thinking about how this would be a great kickstart to a pre-holidays diet. Unfortunately I'm sure I'll block this from my memory the next time I see a good-looking donut at the store.
  3. Aging
    Because this is the type of thing that's only going to get worse as I get older and frailer, right?
  4. Things I should write
    It should be noted that I don't actually write them, but I think about doing it.
  5. Movies I should watch
    See "things I should write"
  6. Exercise
    I think I feel most attached to running when I physically can't do it. It's like a variation of graduation goggles or maybe FOMO; either way it will evaporate the SECOND I get back out to the track.