1. "Make the argument"
    This is legalese for "I think you're wrong, but try and make your point anyway so I can laugh at you." It is also occasionally used in sincerity by teachers.
  2. "But which part do we really need to study?"
    God bless the type-a kids in my class who think they're going to life hack their way through school. To be fair though I'm just going to read everything and end up not needing a good amount of it, so who's really the sucker here?
  3. "Isn't this really a question for the jury?"
    Sounds sophisticated but is usually a cop out meaning "I don't know how to answer the question you just asked me".
  4. "I got soooo hammered last night"
    Despite being in class with a bunch of 22 year olds, this still surprises me. I can't imagine going to one of our classes with a hangover - then again I'm old and grumpy naturally so that probably makes a difference.
  5. "Have you started your outlines yet?"
    Outlines are basically law school study guides. Your finals are cumulative so you're expected to condense months' worth of info into like 10 pages. Some teachers let you use it on the test, but it's a very time consuming endeavor that some people apparently began in like week two of school 😑