1. The perfect ratio of ice cream to root beer in a root beer float
    I make on point floats cuz no dessert is a sad day
  2. College students seem smart but they are just as clueless as everyone else
    Sometimes they can be more mature, but mostly we are all just over confident high schoolers
  3. Year round sleepovers are actually not fun
    Especially when your roommate throws up on your floor after a night of drinking
  4. Strong shower pressure is the key to a good year
    Choose your dorms wisely folks
  5. Getting wasted every weekend is dumb
    If you show up to class Monday morning with a hangover from the weekend, no one thinks you are cool, just and idiot
  6. You are an independent college student...act like one
    Your mom shouldn't be scheduling your classes, controlling your food intake, or checking to see if you went to class. Take responsibility for yourself
  7. Make friends with people who aren't like you
  8. Do what you love
  9. Sleep when you want, where you want
  10. You don't need to prove to everyone else on Instagram how successful you are, how great your college is, or how much fun you have.
    The moments shared with only a few present are the best moments
  11. In fact, don't ever feel the need to go to lengths to tell everyone you had a great year even if you aren't... Be honest
    Everyone seems like they are having a great transition to college and loves it, but most people are struggling just as much as you are.
    in order to not eat hamburgers every day in the cafeteria, I had to invent a couple go-to foods, like pizza bagel and salad bowls.