1. Professional Netflix rater
    Someone HAS to provide an accurate rating of these shows okay
  2. Snapchat geofilter designer
  3. Creator of magical unicorn GIF's
    Always been a dream
  4. Investigator of food product ingredient claims
  5. College evaluater
  6. The person who gives out social security numbers
    It may be monotonous but handing out numbers to random new babies would be empowering
  7. Book critic
    "I may have spent a week and received $1,000 to sit at home and consume this book...but I just didn't like it"
  8. Emoji creator
  9. Bus test driver
    I really think these elementary children deserve the best quality plastic seats
  10. Whoever created trails for hikers to walk on
    And we'll just go around this tree, maybe behind this patch of grass, twice around that green bush...
  11. Gymnast
    Too bad I went through puberty like 5 years ago
  12. Olympic referee
    Particularly of something exciting like the long ice sleds that people fall off of and die
  13. Professional tweeter
    140 characters is my game, @DopeTweeter is my name