Room Details That Make Me Sound Like A Serial Killer Or Crow

  1. sweet looking wishbone stick I found
  2. dried dozen roses hanging upside down in a corner
  3. fake skeleton of a bulldog
  4. actual squirrel skull I found outside
  5. two sets of deer antlers
  6. little bowl filled with gems
  7. cool rocks I found at various beaches
  8. a candle that looks like a gnome
  9. lots of crystals
  10. a mannequin hand that once belonged to a child mannequin from h&m
  11. a candle that smells like wolfsbane
  12. a hedgehog door stopper
  13. a piece of bark from a sick ass tree I climbed
  14. probably close to 80 books
  15. little glow in the dark stars covering ceiling
  16. various cool looking leaves, flowers, and pine needle twigs