Best Always Sunny in Philadelphia episodes

this is what me and Jess came up, with no particular order what do you think
  1. The Maureen Ponderosa wedding where bath salts turns everyone into zombies
  2. The gang makes fools of themselves on a gameshow
    In family fight
  3. In the pilot episode of gang tackles racism in the gang gets racist
  4. The gang makes the best drinking board game ever in chardee macdennis
  5. Dee's Dating a retarded person
  6. Due to a flu epidemic the gang gets quarantined
  7. The gang breaks Dee
  8. Dennis and Dee quit their jobs and start smoking crack in the gang gets on welfare
  9. Mac and Charlie turned into hobos in mac and Charlie die
  10. In this episode The Gang finds themselves in some cocaine in trouble with the mob and the Gang gets whacked