Best punk albums

no particular order just the time I couldn't live without
  1. Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers, Thunders is a true guitar God in my eyes not for his technique but just for his pure emotion and Grit I love this album
  2. The Dead Boys first release young loud and snotty and that's exactly what it sounds like
  3. Blanks 77 is a great Jersey band who plays music that just makes you want to party Pogo and have fun this was their second full-length tanked and Pogoed
  4. Every Ramones album could be on here but some of my all-time favorite tracks around Ramones rocket to Russia
  5. The Madman of Manchester's first full-length release always was and always shall be by GG Allin and the jabbers
  6. I don't like to put compilation albums on things like this because to me they're not real releases but this is all of the casualties early 7-inch records terrible quality and it just makes it even better
  7. The Dropkick Murphys have some of the best lyrics in the industry in my opinion and mixed with some traditional Irish drinking songs flare this album is one of the best Sing Loud Sing Proud
  8. A pentacle punk rock album The Clash's first release
  9. Anti nowhere league is one of the dirtiest degenerate punk bands ever and demand to be on this list with their first full-length we are the league
  10. I love the Sex Pistols regardless of them being a bit phony there is a lot of previously unreleased tracks on this album and a bunch of songs sid sings like my way a Frank Sinatra cover on everybody nowhere near as popular as never mind the bollocks but far superior in my opinion