Mostly to find food and settle debates
  1. How to roast your own coffee
    I'm not obsessed I swear
  2. Wimbledon 2015
    So stoked
  3. "Built to last"
    Debating over which car had this slogan
  4. Gelato in SoCal
    My favorite and most craved dessert
  5. Define epidome
    I'm not so good at words
  6. How many feet in a soccer field
    This is another debate I was having
  7. Van dyke coffee roasters
    Highly recommend this place to any coffee lover. A hidden gem!
  8. What wine goes good with Pesto
    Important stuff
  9. Grape vine or great vine
    Yet another debate
  10. Modesto weather
    In case you were wondering, it's hotter than hell during the summer