1. How to steer in traffic
    Literally turned the wheel for me once
  2. How to love black coffee
    No other way
  3. How to side tan
    This one is important guys
  4. How to play Frisbee in traffic on the freeway
  5. How to get the most out of your free drink at Starbucks
    Which I get way too often. Another thing he taught me is coffee above all
  6. The perfect location to sit in a movie theater
    I can't tell you where or you will take my seat
  7. How to get rock hard abs
    Still working on that. He beat me to that
  8. How to hug way too long and tight
    If you have ever said goodbye to him, you will know what I mean
  9. Above all, how to honk at idiots on the road
    As nicely as we can. Hey, it's doing them a favor. They need to know they are being an idiot so they can change