But maybe shouldn't
  1. When I am filing paperwork and that one customer decided to be jerk and use legal sized paper
    I can't get all the pages to line up when i stack them and it drives me crazy WHO USES LEGAL PAPER NOWADAYS ANYWAYS!!?
  2. Autocorrect
    It's there to help us right?
  3. When parents are paranoid to use any form of social media
    Because of the fear of someone finding them and stealing their identity
  4. Littering
    Especially cigarettes. I mean seriously, is the world your trash can?
  5. Careless people
  6. Lazy people
  7. Taxes
  8. Trans Fat
    I literally can't believe it still exists
  9. Inauthenticity
    In people mostly
  10. Texting while on a dinner date
    I will tell you to put it away, even if I don't know you or it's not even my dinner date