1. CSGO Tshirts
    Why not :p
  2. Steam gift cards
    That asiimov isn't going to pay for itself
  3. The amazing book is not on fire (tabinof)
    I need itt
  4. Sony a6000
    Nice mirrorless
  6. Stanford merch
    Gotta look the part
  7. Moyu aoshi
    Need it as well
  8. Moyu aolong GT
    Looks incredible
  9. GMM merch
    Must have
  10. Office merch from pickledbeets (redbubble)
    Good stuff
  11. Live skate die dvd (revive)
    I needed it last Christmas >:(
  12. Catsnail shirt (revive)
  13. Kikkoman shirt
    I live off of it
  14. Piñata prime cuts shirt (mentalfloss.com)
    Witty and must have