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I'm working on a new play about the founding of a micronation - and found a great Business Insider article that looks at several interesting ones in existence. Quick look below:
  1. Principality of Sealand
    Located on an abandoned WWII military platform about 8 miles off the coast of Great Britain in international waters, the micronation was first established in 1967 by Paddy Roy Bates in order to emit pirate radio broadcasts. With a living area of 5,920 square feet, Sealand boasts multiple bedrooms, a chapel and a prison.
  2. Republic of Saugeais
    Near the French-Swiss border, the Republic of Saugeais is made up of 11 towns and was founded in 1947 as a joke. Today, it acts as a popular tourist attraction, issuing entrance passes and selling official stamps.
  3. Calsahara
    Travis McHenry founded his first micronation at the age of 15. Since then, he has founded three, the latest one being southern California's Calsahara (a combination of "California" and "Sahara"), which he claimed in 2009 on a 9.5-square-mile tract of land given to him by his grandmother.
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What does your phone secretly want to say? Add yours if you like. But here are the sweet nothings mine mentioned tonight:
  1. Anonymous users can be found at this time around the corner.
  2. What do we think of pairing the show and the rest of the season with salt?
  3. Just wanted you to get heat if other people are going through my files.
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  1. 1.
  2. 2.
    Hair product
  3. 3.
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While at UMass Amherst - my friend Robbie introduced me to the theory of seasonal music tastes. Essentially: there are certain musicians and albums that you prefer listening to depending on the season. Now that we've officially entered Fall (a New Englander's natural element) - here is what I will be listening to this season. (I'll keep adding...)
  1. Mama Cass
    She's always there to help get you through seasonal affective disorder with a positive outlook.
  2. Ben Folds Five: The Unauthorized Biography of Reinhold Messner
    Storytelling at its finest with a haunting quality behind even the most playful songs.
  3. Ella Fitzgerald
    Particularly her Gershwin Songbooks . Every song just sounds great drinking warm coffee and walking down leaf-strewn sidewalks.
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Because having multiple random careers is what my High School guidance counselor was hoping for...
  1. Published playwright whose work has been seen at more than 50 theaters on four continents.
  2. Planned and executed the move of a world class chocolate manufacturer’s factory and operations.
  3. Developed three different simulation-based new-hire training programs for a major technology consulting firm.
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I was a strange, nerdy child with a penchant for office supplies
  1. 1.
    Black. Heavy. Swingline.
  2. 2.
    Three-Hole Punch
  3. 3.
    Pen Holder
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