What does your phone secretly want to say? Add yours if you like. But here are the sweet nothings mine mentioned tonight:
  1. Anonymous users can be found at this time around the corner.
  2. What do we think of pairing the show and the rest of the season with salt?
  3. Just wanted you to get heat if other people are going through my files.
  4. On my way home and the actors start having opinions.
  5. The close up when Lucious leaves me with any other way I can get.
  6. Let us help with this email address.
  7. Unfortunately the switch to a friend of mine is not the intended recipient.
  8. But the original message from your computer is a big learning opportunity for her.
  9. Can you send a check out our 3.5 Star wars?
  10. Patrick in my life is good for the last time.
  11. Need to be listed in your unit is who could close that radiator.
  12. Hey man sorry I haven't heard from you soon.
  13. Kevin Brown wrote a book that I have a feeling is a part of making a difference.
  14. Very cool with me and my apologies for taking so long to get the best time.
  15. Like to get together with the news you care about.
  16. Sorry I didn't have to trick him into the boiler room.
  17. Ricardo with the same time and money and time again.
  18. Is there any chance you have a portfolio of my life?
  19. Minutes of fame in the morning and the other hand is not locked.
  20. Really fun but the fact is that the government of national unity of the year before that is a very long time.
  21. I'm so tired and hungry and tired of being able to get my nails done.
  22. Vote in favor of this page to be the same thing over and over again and again for a few weeks.
  23. Not even funny anymore I just want to go back to my friends and relatives and the rest of the best.
  24. Love the new version and I love you so much better now than ever and ever since.