1. Always always always match your shoes your belt and your coat
    Brown brown brown
  2. Always get an Oreo milkshake from potbellys
    600 calories isn't that much
  3. Always easy remember to tell them you never had braces
  4. If you don't have time for a real breakfast 15 peanut butter pretzels and a sleeve of thin mints will do the trick
  5. Whenever you go for a run it doesn't count unless you tell at least 4 people
  6. At least try to pop every blemish, bump, and freckle on your face
  7. Wait till the absolute last minute to do any homework or assignment.
    What a rush!
  8. Sing very loudly when you're on the elevator alone but be careful cause you may stop unexpectedly on floor 6 with a large group of people waiting to board!
  9. Fall asleep in your school's greenhouse and wake up to freshmen taking pictures of you
  10. If you miss the first day of your Social and Political Philosophy class because you were being an extra in Empire, make sure you're honest with you're professor! They'll definitely understand!!! 🙃
  11. And don't worry, A year and a half later people definitely still want to hear about your time abroad 😉😉😉