Warning Warning Warning
  1. Getting old + dying
  2. My friends and family dying
  3. There's a skeleton in me right now
  4. Plate tectonics
  5. People have to eat to live
    We have to eat literally all the time how weird is that
  6. Outer space
    Scariest place
  7. The deep sea
    Can you imagine being next to a whale???? FUCK that
  8. Caves / spelunking
    People shouldn't crawl around wet holes!!! It's not natural!!
  9. Being put under anesthesia but still being conscious but not being able to control your body or say anything
  10. Yellowstone national park exploding
  11. Me thinking that my doctors are in cahoots with my parents and are giving me false information about me health
    This I got from the movie Rosemary's Baby.
  12. Embarrassing things I've said + done