😡jessica Ramsey Hate List😈

  1. Twenty One Pilots
    What even is that band?
  2. "You guys aren't really going to elect Donald Trump then are you??"
    Immediate question as soon as American accent is heard.
  3. Being asked, 'cutely': "So when's the baby coming, then? ;))"
  4. Washing up buckets & not rinsing soap off dishes
  5. Peas
  6. Slow walkers
  7. Emails without subjects
  8. Novak Djokovic
  9. Crocs
    Shoes with holes
  10. Vibram FiveFingers
    Shoes with toes
  11. Parkour
  12. Grease
    Yes, the musical (and thus the movie)
  13. John fucking Legend
  14. "New York, New York"
    Sorry, Sinatra.
  15. WhatsApp voice notes
  16. New York "franchises"
  17. Being called J-Ram
  18. Elite Daily
    And other "blogs" like it
  19. Zumba
  20. Shallow square sinks in bathrooms.
  21. Al Marabea traffic signal