Remember AIM? Remember the amount of work put into creating bio? Remember creating secret screen names to spy on your friends? Or was that just me....
  1. sn0wmanwf
    My very first sn. I was in 6th grade when I made this? It was basically what I was into at the time. I loved to draw snowmen solely because of Bill Watterson. His Calvin and Hobbes drawings of snowmen were hilarious to me. The "wf" stands for Winterfresh. Yes the gum. Don't ask.
  2. o1d5choo1adida5
    Remember how awesome it was to substitute numbers as letters? Of course you do! Yes I used to love Adidas. Originals of course. That trefoil was everything to me.
  3. sh311to3adidas
    Yes, I really loved Adidas. While everyone was wearing Jordan's and Nike SBs, I was wearing superstars, pro models, and pro shells. All day I dream about shelltoes.
  4. a bathn ape
    This was around the 2008 era of loud Bape prints and Kanye ruling the world. Only one of those things have changed.
  5. fly1n h1ghr
    Arguably my most used sn. This was used throughout highschool. I had a small time "clothing brand" and it was called Flying Higher. Those were the days...
  6. deandrewilliams1
    My last prominent sn I used. Used it up until I hit college. Definitely did not take it serious and it was sort of my "troll" screen name. If you look closely you can see my name in it. Andrew.