If you aren't already then I'm not sure what you're waiting for.
  1. Who doesn't like a catchy tune???
    This soundtrack is FULL OF EM! 100% money back guaranteed if the songs aren't stuck in your head 24/7 after buying this soundtrack. Okay maybe not "money back" but I promise you, you'll be singing about founding fathers for months.
  2. It's a history lesson meets hip hop.
    'nough said.
  3. Lin-Manuel Miranda.
  4. You don't learn about the scandalous things that happened in Alexander Hamilton's life in history class.
    Fighting, daddy issues, affairs...oh my!
  5. The Schuyler sisters!?
  6. If the 50,000 people entering the online lottery IN ONE DAY in attempt to see this show didn't prove that it's incredible....what will!?