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  1. Onion
  2. Josh
  3. Mr. Peanutbutter
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  1. 1.
    Rafi. The ultimate piece of shit scumbag.
    - The League
  2. 2.
    Dennis Feinstein. Actually might be worse than Rafi.
    - Parks and Rec
  3. 3.
    Eagle Wing. I kind of love this dude, he just looks like a trash person.
    - Kroll Show
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  1. Idk about this, it's probably going to suck.
  2. I guess I HAVE to try it.
  3. Damn it was actually kind of good but I can't admit that. I need to act like it was just "ok" because I'm super chill.
  1. Buy a hoodie for your dog.
  1. Get Up On This
    @jensenclan88 and Matthew Robinson get you up on all the cool shit in pop culture before its cool. You will already know how great Chance The Rapper is and what oil pulling is while that annoying co-worker is still reading buzzfeed lists and telling you how great Game Of Thrones is. Once a month they will tell you to Get Up OFF things such as Poorly planned lane merging and that dumb "On Broadway" song.
  2. High and Mighty
    This is pretty much Jon Gabrus talking about stuff he likes which is fine by me because he's funny and I'm into basically all the stuff he's into. A standout episode for me was his recent one about dead dads which I can unfortunately relate to. Obviously this topic sucks but it was kind of nice to hear funny people talk about such a shitty situation. It's admittedly a self serving podcast but it's good so who cares.
  3. Doughboys
    Nick Wiger, Mike Mitchell and a funny guest pick a fast food place to eat at, eat said food, then talk about it. I'm from Australia so half the places they go to I've never even tasted but you know a podcast is good when you still listen every week even if you can't really relate to what they're talking about. (Like listening to a How Did This Get Made? when you haven't seen the movie.)
  4. A Waste of Time
    The brothers Rosenthal, Eric and Jeff, known as ItsTheReal are described as hip hop sketch comedians but that sounds dumb because they're much more than that. The only time I'll listen to a long form conversation with a rapper is if they're interviewed by these guys as they manage to mix humour and an encyclopedic knowledge of hip hop to get some of the best stories I've ever heard. Some standout guests from memory are Just Blaze, Curren$y and A-Trak.
Aside from the obvious multiple classic characters of Andy Daly and PFT, these are my favourite recurring characters.
  1. Sylvester Stallone
    Nick Kroll at his scumbag best.
  2. JJ and Murphy O'Malaman
    Thomas Middleditch and CBB all star Lauren Lapkus. Literally made me cry.
  3. Maxwell Keeper aka The Time Keeper
    Within 30 seconds of hearing Neil Campbell's voice I knew this was an instant classic.
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